Healthy Kids


Are your products organic?

HomeFree cookies are all natural, and many additionally are certified organic. The Vanilla Mini Cookies are certified 70% organic by the NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food. We make two versions of our popular Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies and Oatmeal Cookies - one that is organic (70%) and one that is all natural. Many of the ingredients we offer also are certified organic. You can learn more about the value of organic food at

Do you use any genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)?

No. Additionally, in our support of non-GMO efforts, we have taken the step of getting all of our cookies Non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Verification Organization. You can learn more at non-GMO Project and see our listing at this link.

Are your products certified Kosher?

Yes. We are "OK" certified as Kosher Pareve. The pareve means that none of our ingredients, products, or equipment has had contact with any dairy product.

Whole Grain Council

What does the Whole Grain Council symbol mean?

Whole Grain Stamps quickly and easily identify real whole grain products. The recommended diet includes three 16 g servings of whole grain each day. All of our cookies contain at least 8 grams, and therefore proudly bear the whole grain stamp. Imagine, a cookie being a good source of whole grain! And the kids devour them happily.

Is there soy protein in your products?

The only soy ingredient we have in our facility is soy lecithin, which we use in small quantities only in the chocolate chip mini cookies and the oatmeal chocolate chip mini cookies. Most, but not all, people with soy allergies are able to tolerate small amounts of soy lecithin. Please consult with your physician to determine what makes sense for you.

Are your products vegan? 
Yes. All HomeFree products are now certified vegan!
Are your products free of wheat?


Are your products gluten free?

Yes. Although gluten is not an allergen, HomeFree is about everyone being able to enjoy treats together. So we have responded to numerous requests by making our cookies not only allergy friendly, but certified gluten free as well. We use great care in our facility and conduct tests on random batches for gluten traces. Additionally, our facility is dedicated gluten free.

Also, there are many wonderful gluten-free recipes in HomeFree’s “Allergen Free Baking: Baked Treats for All Occasions” cookbook! It is available at the HomeFree website:, along with allergen sourced/tested baking ingredients.

For more information on differences between celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergy, see:

Are your products free of corn?

There is a small amount of corn starch in the baking powder that we use in our vanilla mini cookies and our double chocolate chip mini cookies. Corn starch is fine for some people with corn sensitivities and allergies. Please check with your allergist to determine what is best for you.

What flours are in the cookbook recipes?

The recipes call for varied flours. Some recipes use gluten-free flours such as rice and quinoa, some use barley and oats, and some use spelt. Spelt is in the wheat family and therefore not appropriate for people with wheat allergies or gluten sensitivity, but it sometimes can be tolerated by people with wheat sensitivities, and is a wonderful baking flour. but which some people with wheat sensitivities can tolerate. For those who do not have wheat allergies or sensitivities, wheat can be used in the cookbook in place of spelt if desired. If you scroll down in the table of contents, you can see which flours are used in each recipe.

Are there sesame seeds in your products or cookbook recipes?

Our dedicated facility has no sesame seeds. There also are no sunflower seeds. Buckwheat (in our gluten free vanilla mini cookies) is a fruit seed related to rhubarb and sorrel. There are two recipes in the cookbook that call for seeds, but in each case the seeds are optional.

Do you take any precautions with regard to latex allergies?

Yes. We understand that many people with food allergies may also be allergic to latex. We therefore use only non-latex gloves in our Kitchen.

Do you take any steps beyond not using the major food allergens in your ingredients to minimize risk of cross-contamination?

Yes. As the mother of a child with multiple food allergies, I set up the facility and the entire production process the way I would want done for my child. Please see our Kitchen for the many careful details.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Three flavors of HomeFree boxed mini cookies (Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla) are now available in Canada and the UK. If you do not see HomeFree cookies in your local store, just ask! For questions about other counties, including shipping quotes to other countries or to Hawaii, please contact us at

Do you offer your products in bulk, such as for schools and other food service?

Absolutely. And to support schools’ and other non-profits’ efforts to support our children, we offer discounted bulk rates to keep the cookies as affordable as possible for all of the children. Some HomeFree cookies meet school nutritional guidelines of the A List and of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks and of the FDA, thereby providing a terrific solution for schools: With HomeFree, our children can be included when treats are served, the parents love how wholesome the cookies are, and the kids without allergies love the cookies too.

Does HomeFree have a commitment to the environment?

Absolutely. At HomeFree, in part represented by our logo, we care a great deal about protecting our environment. Some of our products are certified organic (70%), thereby contributing to the health of our water and of our children. Further, our packaging is made from recycled materials, our packing “peanuts” are made from corn starch, and most of our cookie boxes additionally are made using wind power. We only use the packaging we need: You will find little extra space in our boxes, and our large cookies are in stay fresh bags rather than the traditional plastic disposable trays. From reusable cups in our staff room, to efficient appliances in our Kitchen, we at HomeFree are careful stewards of our environment. We proudly are a certified B Corporation because of our strong commitment to environmental as well as social responsibility.

Do you guarantee your products?

Absolutely! And we welcome all feedback and ideas.