Without knowing it, I began Gak's Snacks nearly eight years ago after my youngest son was born and I learned that, like millions of children, he suffered from several food allergies. Like so many mothers of children with food allergies, I struggled to find great-tasting treats (in fact, any treats) that he could eat. It was particularly hard for me to watch his reaction with other children or at social events and holidays as others gathered around food he couldn't share. So, I started to bake.

My husband and son were supportive of my efforts but I have to confess that they weren't exactly ecstatic about my early concoctions. However, I remember the day I served them a peach muffin and they turned to me and said, "Hey! This tastes like a peach muffin!" As I continued to bake, my hit rate rose steadily and I realized that what began as a way to provide my son with snacks had become something larger: the cookbook was in the oven not long after, and Gak's Snacks was begun.

Our mission is to make it easier for children and families with food allergies to enjoy baked goods like everyone else. We decided to offer the cookbook and ingredients for those who bake, and baked treats for convenience. As psychologists, my husband and I have worked with families to find solutions to various difficulties. With Gak's Snacks, we offer ways for parents to provide their children with goodies they can enjoy with their friends. Our hope is that children will feel like part of the gang as they munch on our Chocolate Chip Cookies. Or, that Mom and Dad can serve birthday cake to a group of kids at a party and have all the children-with and without allergies-clamoring for more. Imagine how children with food allergies will feel when, for perhaps the first time, they bring a snack into school and have children without food allergies wishing they had some too!

We hope to be expanding our products in the months and years ahead. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!